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this is the moment

this is the moment
i am here typing dreaming reaching for you
if you allow
i will slip into the dms of your ears
infecting your mind with hope
joy fantastic
a carnival of happiness with you as the ringmaster
a singular connection across space time wireless clouds souls
just between us
for a minute or two
shut down all the devices
stop the scroll poke nudge jingle tickle ping
and hear

this prayer

i am expanding at the speed of light
nothing in my way
ideas flashes brilliance unbounded is rushing between us
if you’ll allow
one more clown in your circus

i made you smile

imagine this

i am enough
i am infinite
i find joy
i celebrate love
i dream in kindness
strive in hope
multitudes cannot explain me
nor choose to listen
but you

thank you


*i am here*

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