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cats in the hospital with me


words letters sounds
sounds shapes sentences
cadence voice tone pacing
how the human heart hears
is with all senses at once
chemical reactions
faster than light thinking
lighting up not just the memory
but the experience
the taste sound smell sight
touch touch touch is all that is missing
i am here for that
to touch you back into existence
you dreamers of love languages
and human expressions
here to remind you

all connected

put down the phone
turn off the screens
find a song that soothes
or enrages
makes contact
beyond your known loved experience
lived living
in this


you and me
find a bridge
where time and space are meaningless
and love is currency
even asycronous
is the gift

we keep giving
to habits addictions boredom
giving in
to the marching orders of the doomed
if this moment
is what you and i have together
i want to stick a small folded note
into your pocket
for safekeeping and illumination

what you know is not real
what you feel is as important as what you do
but doing nothing
doing dumb things
will kill you quicker than a bullet

my human experience
will be marked by my remains
and listeners
given creative license
to follow

not me

follow a word
turn a thought over in your mind
explore the dark side of the room
and your own end

hand in hand
let us find a path forward

*i am here*

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