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mindful : spiritual : god

it’s the last one that i’m not clear on
finding mindfulness helpful, calming
antidepressant of the mind
in a stillness

a new mexico forest in summer
pine whispering joy breeze
love unlimited
air sky blue green life
a blanket of stars at night
pressing down
pinpricks of light
asking how why who

who am i

an answer comes
from childhood lessons
mother lover dad sister
all who came before
leaving behind a wake of love
for me
a future memory
answering each question

the listening is getting harder
joy is being monetized
and our connection to creative energy
drained by soulless entertainment
packaged and sold
in tiks and toks
stadium tickets cause national emergencies
an intervention by congress
for what

harder to hear
what lights us up
each of us
from the inside
without more than an idea

i sing of waking up
of coffee and all good things
of birds and songs and singing
praise is love
joy is connection
loneliness is amiss
as modern culture turns to money as the measure

this is the measure
awake at 4 am
by the urgency of desire
architectures to be filled with great works
a chemical imagination
we are all gifted with
if we listen
and keep listening
and responding to the feeling
a magic takes place
transformation or alchemy
unrest turns into words
sadness into a song
loss into sharing

i am here

nothing more

i await your arrival

*i am here*

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