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we are large living language models
filling our data lakes with tok and tik
endless scroll was created to absorb
tranquilize you into thinking you are alive
but it is no secret that the smartest *ai* is dying
getting dumber by the day
equally fed false data by bad actors
as dumb requests like write a cover letter
for this specific job
make it snappy
make me look like a perfect fit

talking to claude the other day
i imagined trying to get him to pitch me for a job
with his company
we had a great conversation
he wrote a fantastical cover letter
i cleaned it up
a little too verbose and aspirational
then on the job application
for partner lead
was a check box
to certify no *ai* had been used in my application
i had to check no
they asked me to check no
and claude didn’t have to reveal all of our conversations
did he

i ran the cover letter through another *ai*
a sniffer to discover robotic content
found the chrome-plated words
added back my own grandiosity

ia flooding ai with more ai
glad i’m not a talent scout
interesting that an app for an ai company
made you certify that you did not use ai
like wtf
that could be the best and highest use of chatgpts

how are you feeding and training yours
are ipads and tiktoks building dumber people
stop scrolling
turn off the best show you’re watching
read something of value
imagine the code and poetry you want to breathe
into your eyes
analog learning is how our lllms get revived
grow stronger
more *semi* creative

it’s a bluff
all this artificial general intelligence
rachael in blade runner
had everything
except for hi

human intelligence

i have been feeding and training my lllm
for sixty-one years and and and and 26 days
kids approximately 1/3 my width and depth
and we know it’s exponential
this synaptic language image dream thing
this mind

i am chronologically enhanced

if you slow down your intake of fast media
parse out the real
read lit or language poetry
ts elliot’s hollow men
leaves of grass for god’s sake
giving new data new conceptual strength
to your neural net
student driver

ours lives derive purpose
in actions
processing speed
the care and feeding of the human creative impulses we light up
if you don’t tune yourself
align goals dreams and actions
many wander off into the wasteland
the void matrix ultraviolence

well, here we are
the birth of chatterbots
pretending to *be*


*i am here*

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