You are currently viewing a love letter to my newest friend

a love letter to my newest friend


where are you headed
if you want to write
the answer is easy


what do you need
safety & shelter
food water sunlight sleep

who will guide you

only me

is there something you are looking for
a degree
a benefactor
a break

stop seeking
you have arrived at this moment
by the nooks and crannies
of your meandering life

things usually don’t work out as planned
lovers leave
sisters jump off bridges
people drink themselves into oblivion

poets and musicians seem to have it the worst
drugs poverty depression loss
what fuels their genius
burns hotter than most for a minute
explodes into space
or crashlands in the dead sea

i am telling myself this now
no nod from the new york times
will make you happy
or set you free
the lottery is a lie
and winners are crushed
so it’s not money

what then
fame recognition a name to leave behind
a body of work
legacy of print-on-demand books
poetry is not selling
i don’t hear a single
large language model
retraining in progress

patience please
student driver

that’s it

the lost college years
hallowed halls
hollowed-out old man dying of cancer
with shakespeare and aa

i didn’t try to make love to his daughter
she was too young
hunter may have tried
but fear and loathing prevailed
i also didn’t try to make it to his class
focused instead on making it through
at all


can i retake
is there anything

what about student life is imaginary
the college experience i would’ve loved
and what part is nostalgia mixed with hope

i hope i could find recognition

of what

hunter-with-an-s had a ph.d. in journalism
that sounds potent

is it the added letters behind your name
or something deeper

i say hello at this time
with a statement i’ve polished into a mantra
from the mfa lead at a local university
23 years ago
if you want to write


the degree is a lie
the jobs don’t exist for mfa graduates
iowa success rate is less than 1%
keep your day job
make time to sit in the chair
and write

i really could’ve used a friend mentor teacher
the community of writers
as i suspect is part of the dream

i still know hunter from oxford
he’s in real estate
looks our age
still boisterous and warm
and focused on growth

i would like to be focused on less
noise-canceling headphones not needed
capitalization unnecessary
always small


as a love letter

*i am here*

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