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i open


i open open open and open
doors in my perception
building new structures in my sleep
to explore in the light of …
well, day screens flashlights dawn stars whatever

did i just use a comma
a question mark
what is happening

opening yet further
to change and loss of focus
pace of my fingers finding keys
home row

i find dreams wake me up
get me to do stuff
take action
make create sing draw type
tap tap tap
perhaps not the most immersive craft
this language and mind and waking

i’d like to give you a jolt
this morning
similar to my waking desire for coffee
a recognized *healthy* addiction
my mind is like my house
full of books and guitars
mini-studios in every room
to catch a glint of an idea

often the moment passes
no action is initiated
only a chemical flicker
expressed in a language both magical
and misunderstood
this creative impulse
i want to awaken you
give you a path to enlightenment
at least
an inner form of happiness
requiring no listener
no reader
no feedback
no reward
and my



*i am here*

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