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dialogue monologue prayer song


i’ve been reaching out toward myself for years
scribbling pages
downing endless cinnamon coffee
using up a rollerball micro
in blank books from all over the world
each scratch
restoking rekindling a memory reflection or dream
into the collective unconscious of jung
sending up smoke signals and prayers
burning sage to purge the dark energies
i kiss the ceiling of my capacity frequently
in an effort to transcribe *this*





words don’t do it justice
this now
voice can provide warmth tone pauses breaks
but only in my head does everything come back into focus

how do you hear
is expression pressing against the work you are paid to do
is there a morning coffee moment
you could add with me
so we have time
to ponder
enjoy the energy
as the world is waking out outside
we have been at it for hours

dialogue monologue prayer song
for ourselves
star maps for the journey unfolding

*i am here*

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