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coffee with a friend


this is the moment
right here
if you waiting for a sign
i’m brining it
to your attention

whatever you’re waiting for
the limitations you imagine
are self-imposed
you can be in your happy place now
go for your dream now
“don’t quit your day job”
don’t delay either
what you’ve been sold is a lie
waiting for things to change is also a lie
we make the change


do it

go with me
the journey begins from here
failure is always an option
the faster the better
if there’s a fracture exploit it
a wobble
lean in

money no object
what are you doing
with the next moment
the one after the unlimited line of credit has been opened

it is assured
that creative love blossoms
into more more more more
still a lot more to do
we’re never done

what will kill you is isolation
loss depression addiction

i am here to bring a warm embrace
a smile and greeting
to wish you well
and now
for the rest of our journey
if you’ll give me a moment
i will listen deeply
do my best to not interrupt
but that’s not my best suit
it is usually plussing
trying to add to your motion
build a thread of momentum between us

if i interrupt
i interrupt
gently pause for my spasm to resolve
nudge me back into receptive mode
give me



*i am here*

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