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choose to love


i have spent time alone
getting many projects underway
avoiding the black dog as best i could
a wise woman said
learn to be happy alone
i’ve got that
i don’t want to be alone anymore
i want to explore the side of living with another
for me
a woman
for you

i learn adapt evolve
understand the meaning of a silence
reverence for the healing journey
my limited hula-hoop of me
and the wisdom to know the difference
would be easier
if my higher power had clearer instructions

this pain then
human ache

i can barely hold my own
but my hand is available
for exchanging warmth

if i could invoke a prayer right now
between us
i don’t think it would sound like any prayers that you know

i will disguise it linguistically
tag it as a poem
put it in the cloud
for you to discover

*i am here*

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