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wonders all around
computers and software
becoming near-human in their responses
to human impulses

less human-crafted
*generative* is the word for it
machine learning
on your request of letters
to become
a blur of color
robot recall not memories
stored works of human-art
crushed bit-mined and blistered
into a thing
a piece of thing
a shiny object for your Airbnb
not to edgy
don’t want to offend the monied

what is artificial
about gpt art

the better question
what is human about art
is a human required
is a blob of red paint from a child
as valuable
as a splatter of paint on canvas
by a 72-year-old woman

what caused the child to paint
how does the painter
keep painting

i am a *time at craft* artist
only by spending time with my
paints inks my clickity-clickity keyboard here
can i release
what just crossed my mind

a second ago
and i wanted to capture a slice of it
for you
like a lemon meringue
a joy
a lark
a splash of


my gpt has no emotional connection to the work
being spun up by words like
picasso monet stary stary night
in the style of
with more blue
make the image of the man less modern


*i am here*

* sorry the art was not drawn by any human children – dall-e


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